Cosmetic Procedures

ICON is a non-invasive dental therapy which can help improve the esthetics of lesions caused by fluorosis, demineralization, poor oral hygiene, or post-orthodontic care. Treatment is fast and painless, costs less than alternative treatment options, and has long lasting results. ICON is a resin infiltration system that places a coating over the front surface of teeth and works with refractory light to give teeth wish lesions a more uniform appeal.

1. In-Office Whitening: Taken care of at the office
2. At Home Professional Whitening: We send the tools home with you

In-Office Whitening

We offer in-office whitening to patients that have all their adult teeth and are looking for a quick way to brighten their smile. The procedure can lighten up to 7 shades (results vary) and takes around an hour. After a session of in-office whitening, we send you home with custom whitening trays and touch up whitening gel to keep your smile light and bright.

At Home Professional Whitening

There are many over the counter whitening systems, but none are as powerful as what professionals can provide. Take how professional whitening is simple and quick. Custom trays to fit your mouth are made by our lab and there are varying types of professional whitening items we send you home with, specifically with you in mind (sensitive formula, different flavors, strengths, etc.). You can whiten and touch up as often as you would like from the comfort of your own home.