Oral Health Exams

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children see a dentist by their first birthday. These visits are highly beneficial for parents, as our providers can review important growth and development milestones as well as diet and hygiene.

One Year Exam

  1. Knee to Knee: A comfortable and low stress visit
  2. Short Exam: A brief but important assessment
  3. Initial Recommendations: The consultation during this exam sets the pace for a child's oral health

What to Expect

These exams are done in a "knee-to-knee" position with your child's dental provider. This is an opportunity for your child's dentist to examine your child's mouth while allowing the child to stay in the comfort of your lap. This type of exam is done when a child is too young or too fearful to sit in the dental chair. The dentist will sit facing the parent, with their knees touching. The child should be positioned facing their parent, with their legs wrapped around the parent's waist. The child is then gently laid back into the dentist's lap, while the parent holds their child's hands over the child's tummy. The dentist will gently examine the child's mouth using a soft toothbrush and a mirror, and paint topical fluoride on if indicated.

These exams are often short, and some children may fuss/cry during the exam. It is important to remember that the exam does not hurt, but without it, your child's oral health cannot be assessed.