Soft Tissue Procedures

Certain soft tissue procedures involving the lips, tongue or gingival (gum) tissue can routinely be done in the dental office. In our office we use the Solea laser, which is a carbon dioxide medical laser that removes and vaporizes the tissue using light energy and water.

1. Frenectomy: Lip or tongue tie release
2. Gingivectomy: Removal of gum tissues


Some children may have what is commonly referred to as a tongue or lip tie, which is where the lips or the tongue are attached too tightly to the inside of the mouth. In certain circumstances, this attachment may have an impact on the child’s ability to function normally. Children may experience difficulty latching or maintaining proper suction during nursing, swallowing difficulties both during infancy or early childhood, speech compensations, as well as other oral impairments. Releasing this tissue is a routine in-office procedure results in minimal to no bleeding. Local anesthesia is not always required as the procedure typically does not cause discomfort. Post-operative pain or sensitivity following the procedure is minimal, making this a preferred option for children who require a lip or tongue tie release.


Some children require removal of gum tissues for esthetic or medical reasons. We offer this procedure in our office using our dental laser.

We accept referrals from lactation consultants, speech therapists, pediatricians, dentists and other health professionals for these procedures.